Tag a black male (your husband, dad, son, uncle, brother, teacher, mentor, etc.) and the The ROUNDTABLE project on facebook or instagram, with I Am #1IN3, and share a breif 3-5 sentences on who they are as a black male, and why they deserve to be featured.



In order for us to feature you, we need for you to send us two photos of yourself ( you do not have to be alone in the photos)  your age, the city and state where you live  and a short 5-10 sentence bio of yourself. The bio can include but not limited to: your interests, your goals or plans, your personality or character traits, places you have been or  you’d like to go/see, favorite foods, music, you can mention your loved ones or family. You can even talk about your current situation if you want. Basically however you would like to present and brand yourself to the world. We will also geotag your location. 

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