Who We Are

The ROUNDTABLE (Regaining Our Underserved Neighborhood Developments by Teaching And Building Leaders through Entrepreneurship) Project is a social enterprise geared towards socio-economic awareness, personal wellness, civic engagement,  and entrepreneurship. We aim to raise public consciousness about issues impacting the black community, and create sustainable businesses that serve as viable resources in these communities.  


Our Founders


Cadeem Gibbs

Cadeem Gibbs, from NYC and currently based in Atlanta, is the Founder of The ROUNDTABLE Project (Regaining Our Underserved Neighborhood Developments through Teaching And Building Leaders through Entrepreneurship), a social enterprise geared towards socio-economic awareness, civic engagement and entrepreneurship. He is a dedicated activist for youth, social, racial and economic justice issues. Cadeem employs the philosophy that the voices of those most impacted by an issue should be not only incorporated into the legislative and community healing and building processes, but leading the movements towards these changes, as they are the true experts.

Cadeem has worked passionately in youth and leadership development, organizing, advocacy, facilitation, and case management for organizations such as The Children's Defense Fund, The National Juvenile Justice Network, The New York City Administration of Children’s Services, and The Center for Court Innovation, and Raise The Age-NY; a public awareness campaign to increase the age of criminal responsibility in NY, which was passed by NY State Legislature in April 2017.

In addition, Cadeem has been featured in many print media like The Nation Magazine, Vice, and The Times Union, and multimedia platforms like the film by Emmy Award winning journalist Bill Moyers, RIKERS: An American Jail, Inside City Hall with Errol Louis on NY1, Good Day Street Talk, and Street Soldiers on FOX5 and Hot 97 with Lisa Evers, Metrofocus with Roman Pi on PBS Thirteen, and BBC World News. Cadeem has been a guest speaker at institutions such as Duke University, Spelman College, Emory University, Yale University, Seton Hall University School of Law, Vanderbilt University, Columbia University, Fordham University, and The City University of New York.

Growing up in Harlem, NY and being adversely impacted by an environment where violence, gang activity, drug abuse and overall poverty and poor conditions were prevalent, Cadeem has been ushered into a life of navigating systems: poverty, child and social welfare, homelessness, and youth and criminal justice.

Cadeem continues to build a platform and use his voice and story to inform meaningful change, engage communities, and inspire others, and serve as a mentor to many troubled youth in his neighborhood.


Hassan Mayfield

A native of Harlem, New York, Hassan Mayfield is the Co-Founder of The ROUNDTABLE Project, LLC and CEO The H&L GOODLIFE Co; a "Lifestyle Brand" devoted to overall Wellness within the lives of his clients.

With the H&L GOODLIFE, Company, Hassan has made it his business to provide quality services and products in the areas of Fitness, Film, Fashion and Events Planning. As a socially-committed member of his community, Hassan's passion for Wellness carries over into his non-profit endeavors as well, in which he has continually worked with other socially-responsible local business owners and private citizens in organizing charitable events for "At-risk" Youth; ex-offenders; the presently incarcerated; and other disadvantaged segments within the local community.

With his partner, Co-Founder Cadeem Gibbs, Hassan uses The ROUNDTABLE Project to establish strategic alliances with local business leaders and other community activists, via all available platforms to affect positive change in the lives of others. He has dedicated himself to a life-long mission of assisting the underserved to bring about personal self-actualization, financial empowerment, and community redevelopment.

Advisory Board

safi biopic.jpg

Safiya Baptiste

Safiya Baptiste is an experienced workforce development specialist and fierce advocate for Black liberation through education, self-reliance and community participation. She believes that when looking to mitigate the effects of the historical and systemic oppression in the Black Community, we must first begin to create opportunities and resources for ourselves.